Cheong Hin Commercial City, Serdang Perdana

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comm city map   The Convergence of Prosperity

Strategically located in the hub of the growing region, along the Kuala Lumpur - Seremban Highway and on the Sungai Besi Main Road, Cheong Hin Commercial City is an assured investment of escalating value.

Easily accessible from the busy town centre of Kuala Lumpur, and about 15 minutes drive from Petaling Jaya, Cheong Hin Commercial City is set to become a new metropolis of excellence. Projected to be completed in 2 years, there are altogether 160 units of 4 storey shop offices. Each unit is intelligently designed to maximize space with no compromise made on the quality of workmanship and building materials. All these measures have been taken to ensure compliance with specifications.

The frontage is of a 100' wide road providing for the easy flow of traffic in and out of the Cheong Hin Commercial City. It is ideal for offices and a various mix of retail outlets. A 12-storey commercial complex will also be built bringing in the populous needed for businesses to grow. Cheong Hin Commercial City, situated in the southern growth corridor, is a logical choice and a good investment with high rental returns and capital gains.

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